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Automating admin

Software that works when you don't

We know your time is limited, so we've automated many of the time-consuming tasks so you can get on and enjoy your sport

Information in one place

All your information and tools in one place

Now club officials will always have access to the latest information, improving safeguards and efficiency

Get paid quicker

Keeping your information secure

We know your member's information is your top priority, so we keep all your data safe and secure, and help you comply with GDPR too

Our sports club management software works for all types of sports clubs, including:

Now you can manage your members, payments and admin quicker than ever before

Quick, easy, automated registrations

We've made it easy for new members to register with online forms that connect your website to our sports club management software.

Then as people register, they receive an automated email and their information is added to your database automatically.

People can also be added to a waiting list or, if you have spaces, accept payment at the point of registration or invite them to a taster session first.

Automated registrations
Membership renewals

Hassle-free membership renewals

Whether your members renew at one fixed point in the year, monthly or on the anniversary of when they join, our easy to use sports club membership software automates the entire renewal process.

Members can pay online by Card or Direct Debit and when they do, the system automatically reconciles the payments for you. No more spending evenings marking off who's paid and then chasing people who haven't.

Quickly review payments

Keeping on top of your club's finances is easy with LoveAdmin as now you can see who has and hasn't paid. And because we love saving you time, we automatically chase those non-payers for you.

Payment reports
Access to information

Easy access to your information

With all your club members information centralised online, you'll find the information you need faster. You can also permission other club officials to access the data and tools they need too so everyone works with the latest data.

And it's not just your committee that can access information - your members can too via their own online account.

Helping you become
GDPR compliant

If you're still emailing member's information between committee members and using paper forms, the chances are you're falling short of your data protection and the GDPR requirements. But we can help. We encrypt your data, password protect it and keep it secure.

GDPR, Data Protection and Security
Email sending and reporting

Smart, easy to use email sending and reporting

Informed members are happy members, so we provide you with a simple group email tool so you can quickly communicate with everyone you need to. We'll also tell you if the emails were opened and clicked so you can keep track of who actually read what and when.

Boost event participation and still do less admin

Running a social event at the club? You'll love our event management tool that lets you quickly build registration forms and promote the event. Members can simply login, register and pay and as they do, they'll receive a confirmation email and their payment will be reconciled automatically.

Event management
Email sending and reporting

Award Scheme without the admin

If you run an awards scheme, you know the amount of admin involved. LoveAdmin comes with pre-set schemes you can use or you can build your own. You can record levels working towards, skills worked on, skills working, skills achievements and levels achieved, all via the app. Lovely!

Chorleywood Common Youth Football Club

Admin Down 70%
Payments Up £2,000

Chorleywood Common Youth Football Club

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