Access to our service is freeWith LoveAdmin, you only pay us a small transaction fee when a person pays you online.

Transaction value

£10 and under

Transaction fees

Direct Debit

2.95% *

Card payments and PayPal transfers

3.95% + £0.20

Transaction value

Over £10

Transaction fees

Direct Debit


Card payments and PayPal transfers

3.95% + £0.50

The above fees are inclusive of PayPal fees (for card and PayPal transfers) and GoCardless fees (for Direct Debit).

* The GoCardless fees are 1% of the transaction rate but please note, GoCardless charge a minimum transaction fee of 20p for any transaction under £20.00 and a maximum fee of £2.00 for any transaction over £200.

Deposit: We take time to understand how your organisation works and tailor your account setup to maximise the benefits our software can bring you. We then train you and your team using screenshare technology so you’re fully up-to-speed with the tools you’ll be using. We don’t charge for this service but we do ask for a fully refundable deposit. See our terms and conditions for full details.

Why you’ll LoveAdmin

Automating admin makes life easy

All your information and tools in one place

Get paid,

Our transaction fees explained Each time a person pays online, LoveAdmin makes a charge for the transaction.
Fees will be deducted from the amount collected. For example:


You request
payment of £20


pay by Direct Debit

Your organisation will
receive £19.41

Most organisations make a small increase in the cost of their fees to cover the transaction costs. Other organisations cover the cost by the increase in the payments they collect whilst some use the time the system saves them to balance the cost.

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