We love providing a great service to all our clients. We start by understanding how your organisation works and what your challenges are before setting up your account, training you and offering on-going support. We also love to find new ways we can help you by making our service better so we invest hundreds of thousands of pounds each year in product development. And of course, we love to reward our hard-working staff who are here to help you when you need it. We do all this by making a small charge each time a person pays their fees via our service. All we ask is that you accept the majority of your payments via the system so we can continue to provide you with the best service possible.

LoveAdmin comes fully integrated with two market-leading payment facilitators; PayPal for card payments and transfers, and GoCardless for Direct Debit and bank transfer payments.

LoveAdmin does not hold onto any banking or card information for your organisation.

For card and PayPal payments, the money is passed through LoveAdmin where we deduct the PayPal fees and our fees and transfer the money instantly to your organisation. This is done in a split second so at no time do we hold your money.

For bank transfers and Direct Debit, money is transferred, net of fees, via the banking system direct to your organisation's bank account. This process takes 6 working days for the first transaction and 5 working days for subsequent recurring transactions by the same payee.

We understand that not everyone does 'online' so we give you the tools to record offline payments too. We're cool with that, as long as these payments are in the minority.

Yes, we're compliant in our obligations to you as a data controller and our obligations as a data processor. We also ensure our sub-processors (companies we use in order to provide the service we do) are also compliant.

Our software also provides tools that help you become compliant when managing personal details of your contacts.

Our systems and processes have been audited by an independent data practitioner.

Information is stored in dedicated data warehouses in the UK and Ireland. Access to our service is via dual servers so if one goes down, the other is there to ensure continuation of service.

Yes, we back-up data every day to a separate storage device co-located in a different data warehouse to the 'live data'.

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