How LoveAdmin Can Help Boost Event Participation

In the past, you might have organised your events through a mixture of offline and online activities. Perhaps you sent emails to promote your event but then took cash in exchange for a physical ticket at the venue? Or maybe you accepted cheques via mail and then sent out physical tickets by return?

If those scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to stop.

People want to use what’s literally at their fingertips to make purchases and bookings as quickly and easily as possible – the internet makes this a reality.

If you’re able to provide this facility in a simple and easy way for your contacts you’ll not only increase your event participation, but you’ll make life easier for your event manager whilst saving time and money too.

With LoveAdmin, you’ll be able to manage your entire event process online, making things a lot simpler for both you and your contacts.

Online Registration Benefits:

Making it Easy for Contacts

Contacts can quickly log in to their online account, click on the event, and complete a registration form. Any information you currently hold on the person that is required to register will be pre-populated for them.

Making ‘Open’ Registrations Easy

It may be that you’re holding an ‘open’ event where anyone can attend.

If you are, people without an existing account can register via an event registration page that LoveAdmin provides you to embed directly into your website. This means people who want to attend can go to a pre-determined sign-up page where the registration and payment process is managed automatically.

Less Admin for Event Organisers

Because the system is automated, event managers will only need to create the event in LoveAdmin once, along with the relevant emails for the sign-up and payment process.

If you manage regular events, you can use the event ‘Copy’ function that makes setting up new events super quick and easy.

Create Time for Marketing Activities

With the extra time created, event managers will be able to spend more time on marketing and promoting their event. They can then use LoveAdmin to write directly to existing contacts via email both en-mass and to targeted segments.

Here’s an example of how you could use LoveAdmin:

  • Embed a signup/registration form into a unique web page within your existing website so that it matches your organisation’s style.
  • Send personalised e-invites to people via LoveAdmin’s built-in email system.
  • Send automated booking confirmations for your event via email.
  • Send follow-up emails with event packs and reminders to make sure attendees show up.
  • Collect and store relevant information on attendees with marketing consent for future event advertising.

Using LoveAdmin makes it both easier for people to sign-up to an event and easier for your event manager to manage all the attendees. As the system is automated you’ll also have more time to spend on other activities. After your event is finished, you’ll have a significant amount of information about the engagement of people. This will give you the opportunity to better understand them, which you can ultimately relate back to understanding satisfaction levels.

If you think LoveAdmin could help your organisation manage events better whilst decreasing admin and improving cash flow, book a FREE, no-obligation consultation by clicking here. We’d love to hear from you.

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