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Do you struggle with your registrations online? Are your current forms all paper-based? If so, you need to make a change.

The LoveAdmin software allows you to build online forms that are used to store information about your contacts/members and for people to complete when registering online.


  • Our forms make it easier for people to register online, leading to increased completion rates.
  • Thanks to our form builder, all forms are fully customisable meaning you can replicate your current forms, or improve them.
  • With each group, there is the possibility for a unique form – if you want standardised forms though, they can be duplicated easily.
  • Our system allows for multiple forms to be edited at once by amending the ‘Master Form’ – this can save a huge amount of admin time.

How it Works:

You can have different forms for different groups – for example, a form for adults, a form for children (which contains guardian information) or a master form for all groups. By creating a form, you are adding the field headings (questions) that will appear:

  • When you add an individual to the system
  • When you import people via a spreadsheet on to LoveAdmin
  • On your online registration form

Creating a form for all groups:

It’s easy to apply a standard form to all groups within the LoveAdmin software. Simply, select ‘Master form’ from the drop-down menu then pick the relevant fields from the list on the left-hand side. If you want to make a field mandatory, click on the ‘Mandatory’ tick box next to that field.

Of course, you may wish to create a custom question we haven’t added already. This is easy to do too!

To create a question that’s not on our pre-set list, click on ‘create custom question’. Then, write it down, decide whether it is mandatory or not, and what type of answer best describes the reply. You can choose from:

  • Free type – allows people to enter text and numbers freely. For example, a written reply such as a sentence or statement (if you expect a long answer then select ‘Multi-line’).
  • Multiple-choice – set how many answers people can choose from by clicking on the ‘Add More’ button. Then, decide what kind of reply it is – one answer only or check-box.
  • Date – for date related questions, select this option so people can select a date from an interactive calendar.
  • Acceptance – this option allows you to create a question with one or two answers – ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, for example. This is useful for agreeing to Terms and Conditions, etc.

You can also define whether fields are for ‘internal use only’ or ‘view only’. This will allow people to see the information entered without the ability to edit it.

If your question requires context, you may want to insert a statement above the question or enter a declaration. That isn’t a problem, simply select ‘Insert Statement’ from within the custom question box and write what you wish.

Copying forms:

If you wish to copy a form from another Category / Group, first, select the one you want to copy from the drop-down list. Then, select the Category / Group you want to copy from and click on the ‘Copy form’ button. Easy, right?

Deleting fields from forms:

To remove fields from a form, click on the ‘X’ in the grey box.

To permanently remove custom questions, click ‘Edit’ in the grey box and then ‘Delete Question’.

Inserting ‘Extras’ into forms:

If you have ‘Optional Extras’, such as branded merchandise, you can insert these into the form. To do this, select ‘Extras’ from the left-hand side panel. Then, click ‘Edit’ and select which Extras you want to appear on the form.

Different forms can present different Optional Extras. So if you want to give the option for adults to buy a Large T-Shirt and children to only see Small sized T-Shirts, you can.

Publishing forms for online registrations:

You can easily decide which groups are made available for people to register for online – this option is at the bottom of the Registration Form Page. Just tick the group names you want to appear in the registration form drop-down, and they will appear.

Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct:

Below the list of group names is the link ‘Set terms and conditions’. This allows you to paste your organisations’ Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct for people to agree to when they register online. A great way to help ensure you’re GDPR compliant.


Later this week we’ll be posting a webinar that we recently recorded on how to manage forms within the LoveAdmin software. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to hear first when it’s posted!

If you just can’t wait and think your organisation could benefit from our admin management software’s form functionality (and its many other admin-busting benefits), we’d love to hear from you.

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